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by Louis de Pointe du Lac (xxlouisxx)
at April 2nd, 2006 (05:18 pm)

I decided to go for some fresh air, my hair had grown back and I was presentable and happy again. I had my maker at home, how I love the company of him, Lestat the Brat Prince. I knew the day would come when he would leave again but for now I would not think of such thing. I was walking down the French Quarter, my suit jacket flowing in the wind along with my silky long hair.

My shoes light cliped along the pavement, echoing down the long old street. I could remember when this street was full of cobblestones with the occasion horse and carriage going past. Ladys in wigs climbing out of those carriages and into houses.

I looked behind me as I felt an eerie feeling that I was being watched. I carried on, looking up at the pleasant night sky filled with stars, it wasn't often you saw stars now with the pollution and bright lights.


Posted by: violeteyes01 (violeteyes01)
Posted at: April 2nd, 2006 05:00 pm (UTC)

Watching this beautiful one I had interviewed once before, was something I had learned to enjoy. Yes. I was following Louis De Pointe Du Lac. He seemed happy and was thinking about Lestat. How sweet. I always wished that I could have a relationship where I wasn't constantly in a fight with Armand. Like he was always in an agruement with Lestat. Or both our makers were leaving us. Odd how they were just alike Armand and Lestat in the way they treated their children.

I followed him watching and observing him.

Posted by: Louis de Pointe du Lac (xxlouisxx)
Posted at: April 2nd, 2006 05:08 pm (UTC)

I turned around and looked down the empty street. I had never managed to get how to read minds even now with Lestats new blood I was still terrible at attempting. Someone was stalking me, I got this now and then when people had read the Vampire Chronicles and attempted to seek me out and stalk me, mortal and immortal alike. I didn't move to keep walking I just stood there watching for sign of movement.

I frowned. "Who's there?" I asked firmly. "Hello?" I asked slightly irritated at the lack of response I recieved the first time.

Posted by: violeteyes01 (violeteyes01)
Posted at: April 2nd, 2006 05:10 pm (UTC)

I appeared into the light and revealed that it was I who had interviewed him all those years ago. "Hello my friend. Louis. It has been a long time since we last met. How have you been?" I asked him walking up to stand next to him.

Those green eyes still the same. Those lips still the same. I could kiss them. His hair still beautiful as ever. I had always been entranced by him. From the get go.

"Tell me...what brings you out on this beautiful night?"

Posted by: Louis de Pointe du Lac (xxlouisxx)
Posted at: April 2nd, 2006 07:17 pm (UTC)

Ah yes, Daniel the Reporter, the one who had interviewed me over a decade back and now a vampire, I had refused to make him one. Seems other vampires such as Armand cannot resist such a temptation. I will hopefully never give into this temptation.

"Forever the boy with the questions." I said, brushing down my suit coat, standing straight. "I just felt like walking, to have a look at the stars. Now its my turn to ask a question. Why is it you have followed me tonight? Its not like you don't know anything about me. So why study me in such a way?" I asked, looking at Daniel, he was older than the last time I'd seen him, must of taken him a while to be made a vampire.

Posted by: violeteyes01 (violeteyes01)
Posted at: April 2nd, 2006 10:18 pm (UTC)

I smiled at Louis and said, "I followed you because I wanted to see how you have been doing since the last time I seen you. I study you because I didn't want you to run off."

I looked away knowing what he was thinking. That I was older than the last time he had seen me. "Armand played and toyed with my mind. He would play mind games with me. And then I got to where I couldn't handle it anymore and I tried to drink my self to death. Alcohol is teh best way to go. Or so I thought. But I knew Armand had his reasons. He was trying to save me from myself."

Posted by: Louis de Pointe du Lac (xxlouisxx)
Posted at: April 2nd, 2006 10:52 pm (UTC)

I raised an eyebrow only half listening to what he was saying.I turned and carried on walking, he would follow if he wanted to. "Are you glad you're a vampire?" I asked him coldly, my hair flowing behind me. People were normally taken back at my coldness because I came across so kind through my looks.

I crossed the road and into the park slowly. I sat on a bench and carried on studying the stars.

Posted by: violeteyes01 (violeteyes01)
Posted at: April 3rd, 2006 01:14 am (UTC)

I followed him into the park and said, "Am I glad. In away. But it's only because I love armand so much. I would give anything to be with him. But he's so much like lestat in so many ways that its not funny. He and I fight alot and he leaves me alot to. Tries to win my love back by purchasing an island for me."

I sat down beside him and said, "Okay. Whats taht consolation of stars right there called?"

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