Louis de Pointe du Lac (xxlouisxx) wrote in lanostalgie,
Louis de Pointe du Lac

I decided to go for some fresh air, my hair had grown back and I was presentable and happy again. I had my maker at home, how I love the company of him, Lestat the Brat Prince. I knew the day would come when he would leave again but for now I would not think of such thing. I was walking down the French Quarter, my suit jacket flowing in the wind along with my silky long hair.

My shoes light cliped along the pavement, echoing down the long old street. I could remember when this street was full of cobblestones with the occasion horse and carriage going past. Ladys in wigs climbing out of those carriages and into houses.

I looked behind me as I felt an eerie feeling that I was being watched. I carried on, looking up at the pleasant night sky filled with stars, it wasn't often you saw stars now with the pollution and bright lights.

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