Louis de Pointe du Lac (xxlouisxx) wrote in lanostalgie,
Louis de Pointe du Lac

I left the Rue Royale for my weekly feed on the slums of New Orleans. I guess one of the good things of the new blood is that one never has to drink daily but now I was looking a bit paste-y. Not that I cared, my wish was to fade to ash but I didn't want to go beyond the point of no return and for Lestat to find me that way. I am sick of having people worry about me, I don't want to be worried about I just want to die in piece.. I cannot do so now.

I reached the park after my feed and sat under the tree, I did not come out much, I did not wash much, I did not change much. I had become the bottom of the immortal pile, for all I did was sleep, feed and read. Nothing much else for me to do, I did not have the heart to look after myself, my hair a tangled mess my clothes dirty, bloody and ripped. I looked like a delicately beautiful wild corpse.
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