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Return home

Returning from a trip, Daniel walked from the private jet to the car that would take him home. Too bad Armand wasn't around. It had been ages since he had last saw his lover. But it wasn't Daniel's doing. It had been Armands. But it was Armand's for a reason. Daniel had been insane at the time that Armand left him in the care of Marius. What else was Armand to do? Well for starters he could have left away for Daniel to get in touch with him. Daniel looked out the window of the car. He had turned out to be pretty sane, just these games Armand had played with Daniel's mind had caused him to go insane. Locking him in the closet for days trying to save him.

New Orleans' hadn't changed since Daniel had gone to New York for some business. He owned his own business. His business was a publishing company. He had purchased one of the most highly sought out book publishing companies in the world. He owned every bit of them. Their books, their magazines, and whatever else it was they printed and published. He had gone to a business meeting about hiring people to be reporters and take up a news paper. The newspaper would be called, American Gazette. The plan was a success and instantly people were calling to subscribe to the Gazette. So Daniel trained a few reporters to be careful and such and take up where he left off.

As the car pulled into Daniel's home he noticed that there was a light on in the den. He didn't leave a light on so he wondered who it could be.

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