Nicolas de Lenfent (nicki_delenfent) wrote in lanostalgie,
Nicolas de Lenfent


I sat on a path shaking, my hands were back and I was mortal again. Everything was pitch black, to a vampire it was almost daylight but to me it was dark, very dark, no street lights at all. How had I got here? Last thing I remember was dying, walking into the flames, it felt no longer than an hour ago and now I was here? Where ever here was. Was I in hell? Or such a place? Would I ever see the others again?

I was too frightened to get up, I was a mortal again and no mortal stood a chance.. specially one that use to be a vampire. I knew the horrors of the world and what was out there, how was I to carry on like a mortal?

I heard a noise further along the path, my head head snapped up, I was still trembling from the shock of burning alive and terrified of what might be on the path.
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